Hi, my name is Jeremy...

...and I help make products a delight by aligning User-Centred Design principles and business goals. Scroll down to find out more...

For over 10 years...

...I have been designing and developing digital products and websites. I began as a web designer with PwC many years ago and have worked my way through the ranks to Lead UX Designer at The Walt Disney Company then in 2018 onto Senior UX Designer & team lead at Bilue , Sydney.

I have worked with companies within Finance, Healthcare, Communications & Technology, Manufacturing, Government, Education, Automotive, Hospitality and more.

I’m a team player

I enjoy working with all stakeholders throughout the product development cycle, including:

  • Clients
  • Sales team
  • Product Managers & Owners
  • Business Analysts
  • Designers
  • Developers & QA

I have a

for UX design and development and a wide range of skills that I employ to help develop the best possible digital product and marketing solutions, including (but not limited to):


  • Stakeholder Interviews & Workshops
    which help define goals, objectives and motivations for a project from the perspectives of various project stakeholders.
  • Deep Dives
    conducted via a number of methods including contextual product testing, competitive analysis, desktop research & more, which help to understand an existing product or a product's competitors.
  • User testing
    which helps to prove or disprove assumptions made during the initial stages of product development and which help drive evidence-based design. Employed via standard methods such as 1-1 interviews and online/remote testing, but also via newer methods such as Guerrilla testing.


  • Segment Definition & Persona Development
    which help to define audiences which are relevant to a project and lead to evidence-based design. Developed via the use of segment mapping which in turn informs Personas.
  • UX Audits
    analysis of the current experience, including Heursitics, can help reveal insights that can help resolve usability issues around an existing product's experience.
  • Narrative Prototyping
    using Story Maps, to help define the product at a high level and create it’s story, and Journey Maps, to help in creating an abstract model of the product and define the User’s interaction with it. Product feature & requirement priorities are highlighted via Critical Path, or ‘Red Route’, analysis.


  • Sketching
    is by far the most powerful way to both get existing ideas out of your head or to help develop ideas.
  • Information Architecture & Content Development
    because properly structured, well written and relevant content is a key element of a positive user experience.
  • Wire Framing
    with a pen & paper, initially, to begin laying the foundations for products based on evidence-based design, then transferred into digital format for distribution, consensus and UI Prototyping.
  • UI Prototyping
    using a range of fidelities, including conceptual, Low, Medium and High, to define & develop the user interface of the product, maintaining stakeholder consensus and informing development requirements.

I use a range of tools...

...to help get from idea to solution:

  • Primarily Miro & Figma
  • Sketch
  • InVision & Zeplin
  • My Inkwell kit
  • SneekPeekit sheets
  • HTML, CSS & jQuery

When I have time...

I’m currently digging into:

  • Maze, Dovetail
  • ProtoPie
  • Adobe XD
  • Affinity Designer & Photo

A few thoughts from others

Jeremy and I worked together throughout 2022 across a range of projects focused on user research, mapping and prototyping in the financial and insurance industries. During our time together Jeremy was also instrumental in researching, designing and developing several internal projects for Bilue spanning desktop, tablet and mobile interfaces.

Jeremy's key strengths are UX research, user journey mapping, value propositions and personas, information architecture, prototyping and testing. Jeremy also has a refined eye when it comes to UI design and brand, making him a valuable addition to any product design team.

Jeremy has been a senior member of the Bilue design team for a number of years and has consistently delivered successful UX research and prototyping solutions across a number of corporate, NGO and government projects. As the icing on the cake, Jeremy is a wonderful colleague, well-liked by the entire design and development team thanks to his thoughtfulness, intelligence and humour.

Glen Jeffreys, Head of Design, Bilue

I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy, as my role as Head of UX at Alliance Software. Jeremy is great to work with, has the perfect mentality for a UX designer. He is always looking for deeper human insight to build research driven solutions. This approach I feel is greatly needed in the industry, and I look forward to watching his career progress in the coming years.

Leigh Grey-Smith, Greytone Consulting

We brought Jeremy on as a Senior UX Designer to help shape our UX practice at Prismatik. Jeremy did a fantastic job and quickly laid down a pragmatic and effective set of practices that we were able to incorporate into our product delivery processes. Jeremy has a sharp mind and was personable, hard-working, reliable and mature. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Rob Morris, Managing Director, Prismatik Sydney

Committed to his work, Jeremy has an outstanding passion in the UX and Design field showing great initiative in what he does. Would absolutely love to work with him again

Robinson Lam, Freelance Digital Designer

My Process in action

Below is a collection of some typical artifacts from my design process.

Due to NDAs, illectual property and the like I'm restricted from showing much of my work, however the below samples should illustrate fairly well the type of work I produce. Examples blurred or redacted where required.

Case Studies

Below is a selection of projects I've worked on over the years that outlines how I went about understanding and solving the problem. More to come soon.

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